Zero accidents – Prevex safety and well-being work awarded

Prevex is proud to announce a significant achievement as a member of The Zero Accident Forum. This network is dedicated to motivating and encouraging workplaces in Finland to work towards a culture of occupational safety and well-being.

– Prevex safety and well-being work awarded

From left: Kha Le, Linda Sundvik-Näsi, Pia Häggblom, Robert Österlund, Sara Castagnola,
Joel Björkman (not in the picture)

Prevex has been recognized for its commitment to occupational safety, receiving a prestigious occupational safety level classification. Our company stands among a group of companies that have successfully recorded zero accidents leading to work absences throughout the entirety of 2022.

“The key to the success lies in the power of collaboration”

Linda Sundvik-Näsi, safety manager at Prevex, says that behind this achievement is an increase in occupational safety awareness and dedicated efforts from the company’s occupational safety committee. “The key to success lies in the power of collaboration”, Linda says. “Together, we have developed a culture that prioritizes safety, and it has yielded very positive results.”

The Zero Accident Forum has also generally observed that cooperation, an open culture of dialogue, and a sense of responsibility towards employees and colleagues are essential ingredients for achieving improved safety and well-being outcomes.

Prevex will continue to build upon this success and continue its commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and well-being in the workplace.