Water trap for bathtubs

Bathloc – a sustainable water trap for bathtubs

Bathloc is a stylish, pre-assembled water trap for bathtubs. It is made of 50 % recycled plastic – making it an eco-friendly choice while still maintaining the same durability as water traps made entirely of virgin plastic.

There are four Bathloc models that can be customized in various ways to fit your needs. All models are suitable for bathtubs with Ø 52 mm drains. The water trap outlet is Ø 40/50 mm.

Prevex Bathloc four models
Prevex® Bathloc™ EasyClean

Prevex® Bathloc™

Recycled plastic

Bathloc is made of durable 50 % recycled plastic – significantly reducing its carbon footprint.


Like all Prevex products, Bathloc is pre-assembled. It is easy and quick to install. All models include a small assembly tool.

Bathloc models

Bathloc High

Bathloc High is 110 mm in height. This model meets the European EN 274 standard.

You can choose a chromed or matte black pop-up plug or a rubber plug. The overflow cover can be either full or semi cover, and it comes in chrome and matte black. There are also two types of overflow pipes: rigid and flexible.

Bathloc Low

Bathloc Low is only 90 mm in height, making it suitable for low bathtubs. Despite its low height, this model has as good water flow rate as other Bathloc models – 0,8 l per second.

You can choose between a chromed and matte black pop-up plug. A rubber plug is also available. The overflow cover can be either full or semi cover, and it comes in chrome and matte black. The overflow pipe can be either rigid or flexible.

Bathloc Remote

With Bathloc Remote you can easily open and close the plug by turning the overflow cover.

Bathloc Remote meets the European EN 274 standard. It is 110 mm in height.

Both the plug and overflow cover come in chrome as well as matte black. You can also choose between a rigid or flexible overflow pipe.

Bathloc EasyClean

Bathloc EasyClean is a part of Prevex’s popular EasyClean product family. This innovation makes cleaning effortless – just lift the silicon basket from above.

This model is 110 mm in height. It meets the European EN 274 standard.

Bathloc EasyClean includes a chromed pop-up plug and an overflow cover that can be either semi or full cover. Like other Bathloc models, EasyClean has two overflow pipe options: rigid and flexible.

The assembly tool that comes with this model is made of eco-friendly wood fiber material.

Clean the water trap quickly and easily!

This is how effortless it is to use Bathloc EasyClean.

1. Lift the plug and basket from the waste outlet.

2. Turn the basket inside out, remove the dirt, and rinse the basket under running water.

3. Put the plug and basket back in place.


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The four Bathloc models can be customized to fit your needs. Visit our product catalogue to learn more about the different variations.

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