Prevex Drain Water

Products overview

Innovative and flexible water traps

At Prevex, we have been developing water traps for 50 years, and for an equally long period of time, we have been figuring out how to make them smarter and more durable. Because of their innovative design, many of our models are under a patent.

Equipped with cuttable, telescopic arms, Prevex’s water traps are known for their great adjustability. In addition, they are the most space-saving water traps available.

As we want to make life easier for both our customers, plumbers and end users, our water traps are easy and quick to install. Moreover, they are extremely easy to clean. The materials we use are of the best quality, which means that the water traps will last a lifetime.

World-class features


Space-saving options make room for bathroom drawers.


Pre-assembled water traps minimise the risk of leakage.

Quick and easy to install

Easy installment saves time and money.

Highly adjustable

The same water trap fits many different basins and sinks.


Cuttable, telescopic arms allow for multiple fitting options.

Easy to clean

Easy cleaning saves nerves and minimises the risk for leakage.


The best possible materials make our water traps last a lifetime.

Low transportation costs

Compact packaging is cost-efficient and sustainable.

Reliable quality

All our water traps meet the European EN 274 standard. If you need more information on technical specifications or documentation, please contact our sales.