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Join us in changing the world, one water trap at a time

At Prevex, we manufacture all our water traps from recycled plastic – environmental thinking is in the company’s DNA. With us, you get a meaningful job and the chance to make a real difference.

What our employees think

According to our employee survey, Prevex personnel are very satisfied with, for example, teamwork and the support they receive at work.


My colleagues support me


My team members get along well


I can trust my supervisor to keep their word on what has been agreed


I get enough positive and encouraging feedback from my supervisor

In the survey, statements were rated on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

Open vacancies

Career stories

The purchasing department is more important than ever

Purchasing manager Daniel Wik has taken control of Prevex’s purchasing department amid the very exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic.

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A spider in the web

John-John Olson’s career at Prevex has taken him from the factory floor to his current position as Technical Product Administrator.

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Precision and speed

Iris Mannil appreciates that everything is well organised at Prevex.

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Why choose Prevex?

Stable family business

Prevex is owned by the Ostrobothnian family business KWH Group. In other words, we have a long-term owner that is not affected by temporary economic fluctuations.

A growing company

As a growing company, we can offer exciting jobs. At Prevex, you have the opportunity to start on the factory floor and work your way up.

Meaningful work

Prevex uses recycled plastic in all its products. With us, you get to do meaningful work and really help the environment.

Development is at our core

As we are constantly developing, you have the chance to influence both your own tasks as well as the company as a whole.