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EasyClean Bath

Waste valve for the bathroom

EasyClean Bath – for convenient cleaning

EasyClean Bath is a waste kit designed for Scandinavian bathtubs. This clever innovation keeps your bathroom floor drain nice and clean, as all residue build-up is gathered in the basket in the waste kit. This makes EasyClean Bath extremely fast and easy to clean. The assembly tool that comes with EasyClean Bath is made of wood fiber material.

Clean the waste kit fast and easy!

This is how easy it is to use EasyClean Bath.

1. Lift the plug and basket from the waste outlet.

2. Turn the basket inside out, remove the dirt and rinse the basket under running water.

3. Put the plug and basket back into place.

Prevex®EasyClean Bath™

Easy to clean

Never before has cleaning the waste valve been this easy, as it does not have to be removed from under the bathtub.

Minimised risks

Easy cleaning minimises the risk of leakage and water damage, as the waste valve does not have to be unscrewed and disassembled.

Low height

With its 78 mm, EasyClean Bath is one of the lowest waste valves on the market, which means it fits any bathtub.


Like all Prevex products, this waste kit is pre-assembled, meaning it is quickly and easily installed.

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