Water traps for the kitchen

Flexible and space-saving kitchen sink waste traps

We have created a range of complete siphon systems for kitchens, with unparalleled flexibility and quality. Our water traps are pre-assembled and allow many different fitting options thanks to their telescopic design. The pre-assembled features and durable materials help minimize the risk of leaks in kitchen sink waste traps.

Our water traps are also known for their space-saving features. When the waste trap takes up little space under the sink, there is plenty of room for waste bins and other things.

Prevex’s water traps are sold across Europe and are therefore developed in accordance with regulations and specific demands of each market. Thanks to their modular design, we can assemble the water traps according to our customers’ wishes.

Water traps for the kitchen

Prevex® Smartloc™

Equipped with a special plug for cleaning, Smartloc is easier to clean than any other kitchen water trap.

Prevex® Flexloc™

Flexloc is a highly flexible water trap and a perfect fit for any kitchen sink. In addition, it is extremely quick to install.

Prevex® P-loc™

P-loc follows the traditional European design where all parts of the water trap are clearly visible.


To complete our water trap solutions, we offer a range of accessories; from plugs to space-saving waste kit systems.

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Water traps for the bathroom