Prevex EasyClean


Water trap for the bathroom

EasyClean – a patented solution for swift cleaning

Traditionally, cleaning the water trap has not been an easy nor a pleasant task. However, with Prevex’s patented EasyClean water trap, water trap cleaning has never been this effortless.

EasyClean is quickly cleaned from above – without unscrewing the water trap and wearing out the seals. Especially hospitals, hotels, and homes that value high standards of hygiene benefit from this innovation.

Clean the water trap in only 20 seconds!

This water trap is superfast and easy to clean, as it is not removed from under the wash basin.

1. Lift the water trap from the waste outlet.

2. Rinse it under running water.

3. Put the water trap back into place.

Prevex® EasyClean™

Easy to clean

20 seconds and you are done – this is how fast you will clean this ground-breaking water trap. No tool is needed, just lift up the water trap by hand.

Minimised risks

EasyClean will lower the risk for leakage and water damage, as it does not have to be unscrewed and disassembled for cleaning.

Pleasant working environment

With EasyClean, you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals, buckets and rags. In addition, your working position is pleasant throughout the cleaning process.


EasyClean is adjustable in height and can be both floor- and wall-mounted. It also fits a lot of different basin types.

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EasyClean comes in dozens of different versions. Visit our product catalogue to learn more about them.

Prevex EasyClean accessories

EasyClean accessories

Get the most out of your EasyClean with our customised accessories, such as waste valves, outlet pipes and waste rings.