Resource efficiency

Our goal is to constantly improve the resource efficiency of our operations. In practice this means decreasing the amount of energy needed to produce each water trap. It also means constantly trying to lower the amount of energy used for heating, as well as to minimize the amount of waste in production.

Prevex sustainability

Improved energy efficiency

The amount of energy used for producing water traps has constantly decreased, mainly due to investments in modern, more efficient machinery. In 2018, we needed 2.85 kWh of electricity for each kilogram of product we produced. After just three years in 2021, we had already lowered that amount to 2.35 kWh. Today, we are still continuing to improve our energy efficiency.

Heat recovery

Prevex sustainabilityIn 2020, we installed a heat pump in our factory in Nykarleby, Finland, which makes use of the surplus energy generated during production. The recovered heat is used to heat the production building, annually saving an equivalent of 745 MWh in district heating. This means we use 70% less district heating than before.

Scrap rate

The scrap rate is a measure for how big a part of the products that end up as waste in production. We are constantly aiming for a stable production with a minimum of disorders, as this lowers the scrap rate. However, it is not sustainable to decrease the scrap rate at the expense of product quality.

Prevex’s scrap rate has increased in recent years, mainly due to an improved injection molding technique that melts the sealing to the water trap. This production method means tighter seals and less risk for leakage, but it also means that production waste cannot be recycled as easily. In the future, this problem can be solved through better recycling processes at our partners. 

Despite the scrap rate going up in 2020 to over 4%, we were able to lower it to 3.72% in 2022, and the work continues.