Recycled plastic in all water traps

After deciding to switch to recycled plastic, we started relaunching our water traps. At the end of 2022, all our water traps contained a considerable amount of recycled polypropylene.

Prevex sustainability

A maximum impact

When we started our sustainability work, one thing was obvious for us early on: we wanted to make as big an impact as possible in cutting our CO2 emissions. That is why we did not want to make a special product line of recycled raw material (rPP), but rather change the raw material in every single product we produce.

Smartloc was the first to contain rPP

When we decided to relaunch our water traps, we started with our bestselling water trap, Smartloc – in line with the maximum impact approach. In this way we would be able to, as quickly as possible, save as much virgin plastic as possible.

First we tested how high the amount of recycled polypropylene (rPP) could be without risking product quality, and landed on 65%. After additional testing, we realized that some product parts were much easier to produce from rPP than others, and we therefore decided to introduce rPP step by step.

In the spring of 2022, we were finally able to launch a new sustainable version of Smartloc, containing 45% of rPP.

Product range20222024
Smartloc45 %60 %
P-loc and Flexloc59 %60 %
Preloc44 %60 %
EasyClean64 %65 %


In the future, 90% of all polypropylene used at Prevex will be recycled.

Switching to rPP – an ongoing project

After Smartloc, we moved forward to our other water traps and started the introduction of recycled polypropylene in them as well. This is an ongoing project that will last at least until 2025.

Until then, we will continue to increase the amount of rPP, step by step and product part by product part. The initial goal was to have 90% rPP in all products by 2025. However, due to challenges in availability and our decision to prioritise replacing metals in our products, reaching this goal will take more time.