A maximum impact approach

At Prevex, we have decided to base our sustainability work on hard facts and a thorough analysis on where we can make the most impact. LCA analyses have shown that the raw material is the single most relevant factor for our CO2 emissions.

Prevex sustainability

Recycled raw material in all products

Since the raw material is the single most important factor for our CO2 emissions, it was natural for us to make the decision of replacing virgin plastic with recycled plastic in all our water traps. Rather than making a special green product line, we wanted to change the raw material composition in every single product we produce. In this way, we are able to maximize our climate impact.

Prevex EasyClean

Climate compensation

After switching to renewable electricity and taking other actions to reduce our operational emissions (scope 1 and 2), we decided to compensate for the remaining part. For us, compensation is not the first option, but rather something that is done when all other possible actions have been taken. We aim at continually decreasing the amount of compensation, from 5% of the operational emissions in 2023, to 3% in 2025.

We cooperate with Climate Partner and chose to support a project in Colombia in 2023 that aimed at replacing coal with biomass at a brick factory. Regarding climate compensation, we follow the same principles as in our other climate work, i.e. to put in efforts where they have the biggest effect.