Bathroom Prevex

Water traps for the bathroom

Basin waste traps for all kinds of bathrooms

We offer a wide selection of premium water traps for bathrooms. In addition to being highly adjustable, the basin waste traps are also very durable. In a bathroom of high quality, one shouldn’t need to compromise on the quality of the waste trap.

Smart design and pre-assembled features minimize the risk of leaks and make the waste trap installation quick and easy in demanding work environments.

Prevex® EasyClean™

EasyClean is a patented water trap for swift cleaning – 20 seconds and you are done.

Prevex® Preloc™

Preloc is a flexible and easy-to-install water trap for bathrooms, available in a basic as well as in a space-saving version.


Our water traps can be completed with a wide range of plugs, outlet pipes, overflows and drainage kits.


Additional solutions

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