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Water trap for the kitchen

P-loc – a classic European water trap

P-loc is a very versatile water trap and is hence a perfect match for any kitchen sink. P-loc follows the design of traditional European models, where all parts of the water trap are clearly visible.

P-locs’s horizontal and vertical telescopic features allow for maximum adjustability in different configurations. This water trap is easy to mount, either on a wall or the floor. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories available for P-loc.


Prevex® P-loc™

Telescopic arms

P-loc will fit any kitchen sink, thanks to its adjustable arms. This adjustability allows for great flexibility during installation.

Low transport costs

P-loc fits into small bags, which means it saves transport and warehouse costs for our clients.

Classical design

P-loc is designed in accordance with traditional European water trap models. The overflow covers can be designed to any specific requirement.


All Prevex water traps are manufactured from high-quality materials, which minimises the risk for leakage and water damages.


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