Ventloc Mini

For home ventilation systems

Ventloc Mini – a condensate trap for home ventilation systems

Ventloc Mini is the perfect solution for managing condensation in your home ventilation system. With its compact and silent design, you can enjoy fresh air without the worry of water buildup. The inlet and outlet compatibility with 12mm and 15mm pipes makes installation a breeze. Ventloc Mini is also odor-safe, ensuring that your home stays fresh and clean. Made from recycled materials, Ventloc Mini is not only an effective condensate trap, but it’s also eco-friendly.

Ventloc Mini

Prevex® Ventloc Mini™

Recycled plastic

Ventloc Mini is made of durable 50 % recycled plastic – significantly reducing its carbon footprint.


Like all Prevex products, Ventloc Mini is pre-assembled. It is easy and quick to install.

Easy to clean

Ventloc Mini is easy to clean, and no tools are needed.

180° Mounting

180° Mounting with a flip-cover gives you flexibility when positioning Ventloc Mini.

Available adapters

  • Adapter from 12 & 15 mm <-> 32 mm female
  • Adapter from 12 & 15 mm <-> 32 mm male
  • Adapter with 12 & 15 mm <-> nut connection G 1 1/4”


  • A series of gaskets are included (12 mm & 15 mm)