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Benefitting from decades of experience in bath waste traps, we have also started to develop other bathroom drainage waste trap products. Our bath, shower drains and waste trap products are packed with clever features that make them very easy to clean. In addition, it is easy to adjust them for different needs and bathrooms.


Prevex® Bathloc™

Bathloc – a sustainable water trap for bathtubs

Prevex Showerloc water trap for shower cabins

Prevex® Showerloc™

Showerloc – an eco-friendly and easy-to-clean water trap for shower cabins

Prevex® EasyLine™

In addition to its stylish and modern looks, EasyLine is both easy to clean and easy to adjust to any bathroom.

Prevex® EasyClean Bath™

Developed for Scandinavian bathtubs, this waste valve is extremely easy to clean.

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