Prevex Preloc space saving 5875-2


Water trap for the bathroom

Preloc – easy to install in any bathroom

Preloc is a flexible and easy-to-install water trap for bathrooms. As all Prevex water traps, its arms are cuttable and therefore adjustable to any space. In addition, Preloc comes with a wide range of plugs and other accessories.

Preloc Basic

The basic version of Preloc is a small and compact water trap for bathrooms. Despite its small size, it is available with a washing machine connection.

Preloc Space-saving

When you want to maximize the space underneath your wash basin, the space-saving version of Preloc is the answer. This feature gives bathroom equipment manufacturers great advantages.

Prevex® Preloc™


The telescopic arms can be adjusted to fit narrow spaces, making more space for bathroom furniture drawers. The arms can also be cut to fit small wash basins.


Thanks to its telescopic arms, Preloc can be adjusted to fit many different wash basins in terms of size and thickness.

Easy to install

Like all Prevex water traps, Preloc is pre-assembled for easy and swift installation. Pre-assembling also lowers the risk for leakage.


If needed, two wash basins can be combined into only one outlet pipe. This also saves space underneath the basin.

Preloc SpaceSaver, metal plug

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Preloc comes in dozens of different versions. Visit our product catalogue to learn more about them.

Preloc plugs

Preloc accessories

There is a wide range of Preloc accessories available. Learn more about our plugs, overflow kit and outlet pipes.


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