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Water trap for the kitchen

Flexloc – a durable and compact kitchen water trap

Flexloc was developed on our customers’ request. With its versatility, this compact and robust water trap is a great solution for most needs. In fact, Flexloc is our most flexible water trap and a perfect fit for any kitchen sink. In addition, it is extremely quick to install.

Flexloc can be both floor- and wall-mounted and is durable enough to last a lifetime. It can be combined with all types of sinks. as it comes equipped with both horizontal and vertical telescopic arms. The outlet of 40/50 mm guarantees a perfect fit with all kitchen sinks.

Prevex® Flexloc™


Flexloc has a low waste valve, saving space vertically. It can also be installed at the back wall, taking up only 76 mm of space. For very narrow spaces, the arms can be cut where needed.


Adjustable telescopic arms make sure that Flexloc fits kitchen sinks of any size. As one of the valves is higher than the other, it fits both high and low basins.


As this one-fits-all product covers most needs, there is no need to keep a lot of different products in stock. Hence, this flexible water trap saves warehouse space for our clients.

Easy to install

Prevex water traps are pre-assembled, which means that they are very fast to install. This saves precious time for busy plumbers.

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Flexloc comes in dozens of different versions. Visit our product catalogue to learn more about them.


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