Prevex is known for its ground-breaking water trap innovations, as well as for close co-development with customers.

Strong commitment to R&D

Throughout its history, Prevex has been known for its innovative and ground-breaking products. In the early 2010s, we created a unique space-saving water trap, which has ever since been copied by competitors. A few years later, we presented EasyClean, a water trap that can easily be cleaned in only 20 seconds. All our products are very versatile, meaning that they can be adjusted to different needs.

Through our strong commitment to R&D, we continuously improve our products with technological developments across all segments and markets, optimising performance in terms of effectiveness, design, hygiene and environmental compatibility.

We are also well aware of laws and requirements in different markets, and are hence able to adapt our solutions to these external requirements. In addition, we are systematically working with product protection.

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Long-lasting co-creation

Our development process, from ideation to final solution, is swift and precise. The R&D department is located in the same facilities where the injection moulded products are manufactured, which means that the step from idea to product is short and efficient.

Our product development team of five people is continuously engaged in problem solving to help our customers. We take pride in developing innovative water traps, that allow our customers to design bathroom and kitchen furniture in completely new ways. This work is best done in close cooperation and co-creation with our customers.

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Stala's co-creation with Prevex

”We’ve worked with Prevex as long as I can remember. Prevex takes on product development challenges with an open mind, always striving to develop their solution according to customer requirements."

Tarja Kuittinen
Supply Chain Director, Stala