Water trap for the kitchen

Smartloc – a smart water trap for kitchen sinks, made from recycled plastic

Packed with smart technical features and partly made from recycled plastic, Smartloc is the ultimate water trap for any kitchen. This water trap features clever improvements, such as smooth oval pipes to prevent residue build-up. In addition, Smartloc is extremely easy to clean. The recycled plastic reduces the environmental impact and is part of our journey towards changing all virgin plastic in our products to recycled material.

Our sustainability journey

Prevex® Smartloc™

Recycled content

Smartloc is made partly from recycled plastic. This does not affect the quality of the product, but it will significantly reduce its environmental footprint. During the following years we will replace all virgin plastic with recycled plastic.

Easy to clean

Equipped with a special plug for cleaning, Smartloc is easier to clean than any other kitchen water trap. In addition, the rigid, oval overflow pipes prevent residue build-up.


The adjustable, telescopic arms make Smartloc extremely flexible and space-saving. Installed on the back wall of the kitchen cabinet, Smartloc takes up only 55 mm of space.

Flexible modules

Smartloc can be expanded with a washing machine module. In addition, Smartloc can also be transformed from a 1-bowl system to a 2-bowl system with just a click.


The seals in Smartloc are injection moulded for guaranteed durability and watertightness. With less loose parts, Smartloc is fast and easy to install, and the risk for leaks is minimised.

Smartloc- 2- bowl 2

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Smartloc comes in dozens of different versions. Visit our product catalogue to learn more about them.


Smartloc water trap

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