Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Responsibility Policy

At Prevex, we strive to offer our customers the smartest and most sustainable water traps. By continuously working on sustainable development, we are able to create products that benefit both people and the environment. In our daily operations and in our decision-making, we take into account the economy, the environment, as well as society and people. Our values, honesty, respect, and dedication are key words in everything we do. 

We know nature is vulnerable and that future generations must live with the consequences of our actions. Therefore, it is important for us to prevent and reduce our environmental impact, in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. We do this through joint commitment in all our choices and in collaboration with customers and other stakeholders. 

When it comes to creating sustainable products, product development is key. We develop products that are long-lasting and thereby sustainable. Our target is also to be able to create products from materials that are environmentally friendly in the long run. Furthermore, we want to minimize our energy consumption and carbon footprint. It is important to involve our suppliers in this work so that sustainability issues are taken into account throughout the value chain. We also strive to work closely with our customers to ensure that the product quality is sustainable and meets the customers’ expectations. 

We are committed to continuously increasing the awareness regarding sustainability issues among our staff. Through dialogue and training, we create awareness within the organization to constantly improve and develop our products and processes and thereby our sustainability performance.