The energy used in Prevex’s production is 100% renewable. This is only one of the many sustainable steps we have taken in recent years.

Sustainable steps taken in 2019-2020

100% renewable energy

In 2019, our Finnish factory switched to 100% renewable electricity. In 2020, our Polish factory did the same. This means that our water traps are nowadays manufactured entirely with renewable energy.

Heat pump

In 2020, we installed a heat pump in our Finnish factory, which makes use of the surplus energy generated during production. The recovered heat is used to heat up the office building, saving annually an equivalent of 800 MWh in district heating.

Solar panels

In 2020, we also installed solar panels on the wall of our Finnish production facilities. Under optimal conditions, the panels produce 18,600 kWh monthly, which is enough to provide all electricity needed for Prevex’s office facilities.

Prevex sustainability

Current sustainability efforts

At Prevex, we are on the hunt for more sustainable materials for our water traps. Product development in this area is intense at the moment and we hope to be able to present the results soon.

We also work with life-cycle assessment (LCA) analysis and carbon footprint calculation, to better understand the environmental impact of our products. These measures will help us design the products in an even more sustainable way in the future.

Prevex's Sustainable Responsibility Policy