Sustainability at Prevex

Making everyday life more sustainable

No matter what the world will look like in the future, we will all still need to use running water to wash our hands, brush our teeth, and do the dishes. Since water traps will continue to be a part of everyday life, we have the responsibility to make them as sustainable as possible.

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Sustainable to the core

Instead of just making a special green product line, we have decided to make all our products of recycled raw material. Why we did that? Because research showed that this is the most efficient way to lower our overall greenhouse gas emissions.

We give you peace of mind by making water traps that are smart, affordable, and the most sustainable ones available on the market. 


Steps we have taken so far

We use 100% climate neutral electricity

All our products contain recycled plastic

We use 51% recycled plastic in packaging

In 2023, the amount of recycled plastic in our products was 55%

We achieved operational carbon neutrality in 2023

We have lowered our heating emissions by 70% thanks to energy recovery

Steps we aim to take in the near future


  • Switching certain product parts from metal to technical plastic
  • Introducing plastic-free packaging for certain products
  • 36% reduction in overall CO2 emissions (compared to 2018)


  • Continuing to increase the amount of recycled polypropylene in our products
  • Increased recycling of end product from 23% to 30%
  • Electrical forklifts
  • Electrical company cars
  • 38% reduction in overall CO2 emissions (compared to 2018)

Recycled raw materials

Read about how we have replaced virgin plastic with recycled plastic in all our products.

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A maximum impact approach

Rather than making a green product line, we wanted to make all our products green.

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Smartloc water traps

Recycled plastic in all water traps

All our water traps now contain recycled plastic.

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Scope 1, 2 and 3

What do the different scopes mean in general, and what do they mean for Prevex?

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Smartloc prevex

Discover how we reached a decrease of 89% in emissions

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Prevex CEO Marko Nylund

Our CEO Marko Nylund’s thoughts on sustainability



Prevex is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.