Prevex reduced CO2 emissions more than expected 

Last year, Prevex managed to exceed its goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The main reason for this is that the company was able to increase the share of recycled plastic in its water traps faster than planned.


In 2023, Prevex reduced its relative carbon emissions by 37 percent compared to the situation in 2018. This is three percentages more than the goal Prevex had set – the target was to reduce emissions by 34 percent. 

– We are of course very happy and also a bit surprised that we succeeded so well, says Niclas Caldén, Senior Advisor, who works with sustainability issues at Prevex. 

Prevex has been focusing on sustainability for several years, and the biggest single effort has been introducing recycled plastic in all water traps that the company manufactures. 

– The main reason why we were so successful in reducing our emissions is that we were able to increase the share of recycled plastic faster than planned. Today, we use an average of 55 percent recycled plastic in our products, says Caldén. 

Instead of creating a separate environmentally friendly product line, Prevex decided to include recycled plastic in all the products it manufactures to maximise the environmental impact.

More than just recycled plastic 

In addition to switching to recycled plastic, there are also other reasons why Prevex managed to reduce its relative carbon emissions so much. The company’s factory in Jakobstad became completely carbon neutral in 2023 after switching to district heating from renewable sources. In addition, half of the petrol company cars have been replaced by electric cars. Another reason for the reduction in emissions is the closure of the factory in Poland last year as the factory used natural gas for heating.

Continuing to reduce emissions 

Prevex also performed well on other environmental targets last year. The company achieved carbon neutrality in 2023 in terms of operational emissions which include scope one and two of the GHG protocol. Here, too, the target was exceeded. 

– We had a goal of compensating for seven percent of emissions while we only needed to compensate for five percent, says Caldén. 

Prevex has not yet set new targets for how much relative CO2 emissions should be reduced in 2024, but work is underway. 

– Sustainability work is an ongoing process where you regularly need to adjust your goals. The more we learn, the better we can prioritise the measures that have the greatest impact on the environment.