Prevex opened a new office building

For several years already, Prevex has needed larger premises at its head office in Nykarleby. Now, the new office building is finally ready.

Prevex new office ayyfYu0_jpeg

In the past few years, Prevex has grown and employed heavily, but the office building in Nykarleby has not been able to keep up with the growth. One temporary solution to the problem was a barrack in the yard. In autumn 2020, a new office building was finally inaugurated. The 770 m2 annex more than doubles the office size.

“Now employees in similar tasks can work close to each other. Working becomes more efficient when you can have short, spontaneous meetings in the corridor. The work spots are arranged by the processes people work in, and we already see higher efficiency within the processes”, says CEO Marko Nylund, and continues:

“In addition, we now finally have enough and large enough meeting spaces, which is positive for the company team spirit. This means that we can gather large parts of the personnel for info sessions and trainings once life goes back to normal when the current corona situation passes.”

Just as in many other companies, Prevex’ office employees started working remotely in spring 2020. In June, the employees returned to the office, but as the corona situation changed during autumn, working mainly remotely is again recommended.

“Luckily, our new office is well-suited for this new reality where we need to take infection prevention into consideration. Larger and more suitable spaces give us the opportunity to keep recommended distances to each other at the office”, says Nylund.

Prevex’ head office and production facilities are close to the centre of Nykarleby, by the main road going through the city. The newly built office building has also been seen as a positive addition to the townscape.