Prevex launches EasyClean in new chromed brass version

The ground-breaking water trap is now available in a modern and stylish metal version.

EasyClean Premium

Originally launched in 2015, EasyClean is a patented water trap that allows for extremely easy and swift cleaning in only 20 seconds.

On customer request, Prevex now launches a new metal version of EasyClean made in chromed brass. This stylish water trap called EasyClean Premium fits perfectly in modern bathrooms, especially with stand-alone basins, where the water trap is clearly visible underneath.

The cleaning function of EasyClean Premium is exactly the same as in the original EasyClean water trap. The water trap is lifted up from the basin and rinsed under cleaning water. The whole operation only takes 20 seconds and does not require any unscrewing or disassembling. This in turn means that the risk of leakage is minimised, as the threads are not worn out, and there is no risk of the water trap being assembled in the wrong way.

EasyClean Premium is compatible with 35-55 mm thick basins and outlet pipes of 32 or 40 mm. The product can be both wall- and floor-mounted.