EasyClean has been awarded the renowned Key Flag Symbol


We are proud to announce that one of our smartest water trap innovations, Prevex EasyClean for bathrooms, has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol* (Avainlippu) for being a 100%-Finnish innovation which is also manufactured in Finland. The symbol will now be printed in all EasyClean packaging and brochures, so that our consumers can become aware of one more positive feature with our product. Not only is EasyClean the easiest and quickest water trap to clean in human history, but it’s also the most domestic choice for any Finn, whether a constructor, wholesaler, hardware store, or a regular consumer like you and me.

Construction industry goes for the blue-and-white origin

In the Finnish construction industry, the demand for domestic products and services is higher than in any other industry. Prevex’s Sales Director Peter Engstrand has years of experience when it comes to promoting Finnish water traps in Finland and Scandinavia. He knows how much the symbol is valued among HVAC and construction professionals.

“When we attend fairs in Finland, the people visiting our stand are positively surprised to hear that Prevex manufactures water traps domestically here in Nykarleby. And abroad as well, when we tell people that our products are ‘Made in Finland’, they really like the sound of it, as the Finnish origin is associated with high quality.”

EasyClean – a flagship product

It was not by chance that we selected EasyClean as the product to apply for the prestigious Key Flag Symbol. Even if we also have other products that are developed and manufactured in Finland, EasyClean is a flagship example of a highly innovative product combining Finnish innovation, research, know-how, and manufacturing. “It’s ecologically smart to buy locally-grown produce, and now I’m happy that people are taking more of an interest in promoting domestically-manufactured industrial products as well”, says Peter.

*Key Flag Symbol is a mark of origin

According to the terms and conditions of the award, the Key Flag Symbol can be granted to a Finnish product or a service when its domestic content is at least 50%. Statistics compiled by the Association for Finnish Work show that the Key Flag Symbol is widely known and associated with the product being Finnish, reliable, responsible and of high quality. It has also been shown that the symbol supports sales operations across Europe and even globally.