Prevex Poland switches to renewable energy

The Polish factory follows the Finnish one by switching to 100% renewable electricity.

Solar panels with sunset and blue sky background. Clean power energy concept

In 2019, Prevex’s Finnish factory started using electricity generated by hydro power. Since then, the goal has been to switch to renewables in Poland as well. As of January 2021, this goal became reality.

“We have signed a deal with an energy supplier that can provide electricity from renewables”, says Marcin Kowalski, CEO at Prevex Poland. “I’m very pleased that we found this opportunity, since renewable energy production has not yet gained that much ground in Poland. Earlier, we had plans to install our own solar panels, but now we can purchase renewable electricity externally.”

The Polish factory uses roughly 500-550 MWh of electricity annually. The purchased electricity is a mix of solar, wind and biomass, of which solar power is the most common form of renewable energy in Poland.
“We were also positively surprised that the price of the renewable electricity was very competitive”, says Kowalski.
The switch to renewable electricity in the Polish factory means that all Prevex water traps are now manufactured solely with renewable electricity.