Prevex Group takes the next step in Europe – Winkiel becomes Prevex

Prevex Group has been preparing its Polish acquisition, Winkiel, for a new beginning. By changing Winkiel’s name to Prevex Poland, the company now marks a completed restructuring process in Poland, as well as a unified and international organisation within Prevex.

In 2016, Prevex bought the family-owned company Winkiel in Poland to strengthen its position on the European market for kitchen and bathroom water traps. Since the acquisition, Prevex has been preparing the Polish factory for a new start by introducing the same standards, requirements, technologies and product range the company has in Finland. In the meanwhile, Prevex’ main organisation in Nykarleby has become more international, acquired new demanding tasks and grown with more personnel.

Only Prevex from now on

Officially, Winkiel’s name change was confirmed by the Polish court on 7 July 2018. Up until now, only some of Winkiel’s products have carried Prevex’ logo, but from now on, all of Winkiel’s product groups will be sold as Prevex’ products. In practice, this means a refreshed product range for the Polish factory, where mainly its water traps are replaced with equal or superior water traps from Prevex. Experience from the past two years has convinced Prevex’ management that both its customers and partners appreciate Prevex as a brand. According to the CEO of Prevex Group, Mikael Lillvik, the investments made in the Polish production unit are positive news for the whole company: “As the two production units now are more synchronised and focused on our main products, we achieve an even bigger market share in Europe. Now, we are also geographically closer to our clients.”

Expected change with many benefits

According to Prevex’ CEO in Poland, Marcin Kowalski, the name change has been expected since the acquisition and the employees feel positive about Prevex as owner. “Thanks to many improvements, such as machinery renewals and a new warehouse, we are now able to make our processes more efficient”, says Kowalski. A unified name and quality standards within Prevex Group also signal that clients receive the same quality, products and service, no matter if they do business with Prevex in Poland or in Finland.