Prevex establishes itself in Jakobstad

Due to lack of space in Nykarleby, Prevex is opening a new facility in Jakobstad.

Prevex production facilities_BST3925-3

Prevex is investing in the future and preparing for growth by establishing itself in the old Rettig properties in Jakobstad. The company’s existing production facilities in Nykarleby are no longer sufficient, which is the reason for this change. Suitable spaces for the company’s assembly lines and warehouses were found in Jakobstad.

“We are now concentrating part of our assembly process in Jakobstad”, says CEO Marko Nylund.

“In practice this means that the production in Nykarleby focuses on injection molding, and the facility can be developed into a center of competence around that part of production. At the same time, we are developing the automated assembly process in Jakobstad. We need to shorten lead times to the market and further improve delivery security. This will be easier with suitable facilities.”

Prevex also has a production unit in Poland, where the focus is mainly on manual assembly. The investments in digital development, on the other hand, are made in the local region. Jakobstad is only 20 kilometres from the head office in Nykarbly, and is thus suitably close.

“In Jakobstad, we have also reserved capacity to enable further growth in the future,” says Nylund.

Although Prevex is investing in digitization and automation, the company also has a need for growing its workforce.

“Thanks to our investments, we will need to hire more staff in Jakobstad. There is already a need for about 20 new employees, both production staff and specialists”, states Nylund.