Prevex’s improved click-clack mechanism is here

Prevex went through the customer feedback they had received and decided to give its product development team a new assignment: to further improve one of their technical innovations – a click-clack mechanism used in a number of Prevex water traps.


Timetable and facts about the switchover

Now the switchover has begun, starting with Preloc metal-cover versions as well as bathtub water traps.

As the click-clack mechanism becomes available for a wide range of water trap products, new versions will be rolled out in stages. After the summer, Prevex will introduce click-clack versions with a plastic cover. Eventually, all Prevex-water traps using the mechanism will be upgraded with the renewed click-clack mechanism completely free of charge.

On the outside, the design of the updated click-clack mechanism is unchanged, and it is backward compatible to all earlier products using Prevex’s mechanism. However, the number of technical improvements made in the mechanism means that you can now actually feel the difference when using it. It clicks smoothly and more silently than before.

Product development for smoother operation

When Prevex’s product development teams started their work, they went through the production process as well as the customer feedback regarding the mechanism. Early on, they realised that the expectations for a click-clack mechanism are the same, regardless of the material – a smooth and silent operation became the goal for both the metal and plastic versions.

Prevex’s Product Manager Kenneth Forsman is pleased to present the essential improvements made for the mechanism:

  • the gasket is made of a new material that has a better resistance to the chemicals and bath oils often used in bathrooms.
  • the gasket’s improved fit enables the mechanism to operate smoothly without any extra pressure
  • the choice of materials makes the mechanism highly durable and silent.

“The durability tests show that the renewed click-clack mechanism endures a minimum of 10 000 closing and opening cycles (= 20 000 clicks). The mechanism has also been tested in temperature cycling tests according to European standard EN274”, confirms Kenneth Forsman.

Replaceable gasket makes it easier for the customers

The replaceable gasket in the renewed mechanism is an interesting solution that makes spare part handling and inventory management easier for Prevex’s customers. Instead of having many slightly different click-clack products to match different water traps, one standard model with a set of different gasket alternatives is the answer. This means that in future, Prevex’s end-customers will be able to always find the perfect fit for different strainers.

Inspires new innovations

We at Prevex are also inspired by the fact that the new click-clack mechanism can be manufactured with different fitting alternatives. This has already inspired our product development team and resulted in other upcoming product innovations that will soon be ready for launch.