Prevex invests in automation – an automated forklift is the newest purchase

The new automated forklift in Nykarleby’s factory is a part of Prevex’s path towards automation and digitization. The truck also works around the clock and significantly improves work safety.


Prevex invests heavily in the automation and digitization of its operations. The automated forklift, or an AGV forklift, in the Nykarleby factory is a step towards this direction. Thanks to this new forklift, products can be moved from the production area to the strorage without a driver.

– We still use manual forklifts in the storage and for heavy lifting. However, the AGV forklift improves work safety in the production area and improves efficiency, says Mikael Gäddnäs, the Chief Operating Officer of Prevex.

Always ready to work

Before the new forklift was acquired, goods were moved from the production area to the storage only during daytime. The automated forklift enables a steady flow of goods around the clock.  

– We no longer have overfills or rush in the production area. When products arrive at the assembly line’s loading area, the AGV forklift receives a message from our ERP system, Gäddnäs explains.

Improved occupational safety 

The automated truck not only increases efficiency, but also improves the safety of the production area.

– Previously, the manual forklifts were driven about 200 times in the cramped production area during a single shift. There could be multiple forklifts in the area at the same time. It goes without saying that this kind of arrangement had its own safety risks, so better solutions were needed, says Gäddnäs. 

– The AGV forklift uses scanners to detect various obstacles on the floor and higher up, he adds. 

There will be jobs also in the future

Prevex continues to move towards digitized solutions together with the rest of the world. The new forklift is one investment on this path, and the intention is to acquire automated forklifts for other facilities as well. Despite the automation, Gäddnäs assures that there will be jobs at Prevex in the future as well.

– Although these kinds of changes are being made and operations are automated, the number of jobs at Prevex will not decrease. Our company is growing and new staff is needed all the time. The tasks can of course be different than before, he says. 

Prevex is growing and new staff is needed all the time.