Prevex Finland granted AEO status to ensure safe and secure supply chains

Prevex Finland was recently granted an AEO status for safety and security. The abbreviation stands for Authorised Economic Operator and is linked to specific requirements and benefits concerning customs clearance and logistics operations.

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The goal with the authorisation system is to increase the level of safety and security in the world and to enable effective uniform customs controls within the EU. For Prevex’s business partners, the AEO status proves that the company’s entire supply chain is safe and secure.

Prevex decided to apply for the status to increase its security level and to be able to serve customers even better.

“The process has shown us that we already did many things right before and met most of the criteria. The biggest change that arose from the AEO requirements is a new management system including everything from company policies to concrete instructions”, says Erik Brännbacka, Quality manager at Prevex.

The AEO status and new management system are now a part of Prevex Finland’s integrated management system, which helps the company to attain its strategic goals. The status is linked to many benefits for Prevex’s customers as well as the company itself.

Here are the most essential benefits *

  • Fewer physical and document-based controls related to safety and security
  • Prior notification in case of selection for physical control
  • Priority treatment if selected for control, and the possibility to request a specific place for customs controls
  • Improved relations with Customs and other government authorities
  • Reduced theft and losses, fewer delayed shipments
  • Goods move more easily to third countries that have a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the EU, e.g. China, Japan, and the USA.

*Source: An official website of the European Union

Security improving measures

To attain the status, and to keep both people and products safe, Prevex Finland has taken concrete measures to enhance security throughout its entire supply chain. The measures, which aim to decrease the risk of being exposed to crimes such as smuggling, data system break-ins and burglary, concern the production unit in Nykarleby as well as the facilities of Prevex’s suppliers and service providers. All parties are committed to meeting the required security level and will be accredited regularly.

“This was a big project that engaged many functions within the company. I’m happy to say that all the people involved in the project were dedicated to this and did a great job. Now, we are all increasingly aware of safety and security matters,” concludes Erik Brännbacka.

AEO for safety and security = AEOS

The AEO status that Prevex has been granted is focused on customs safety and security controls. Thus, the abbreviation AEOS is often used for the holders of this status. There are also AEOC operators, whose authorisation focuses on simplifying customs activities. Both AEOS and AEOC operators are Authorised Economic Operators (AEO’s)