Prevex enters into e-commerce on Amazon France

Prevex starts selling its water traps on Amazon on the French market. Quick deliveries and time-savings are key benefits for customers.

Screenshot of Prevex's Amazon view

Amazon established itself on the French market twenty years ago and is today the e-commerce leader in the country with a market share of over 20 percent. Hence, it was natural for Prevex to choose Amazon as a sales channel when considering different e-commerce options in France.

“Not only is Amazon a platform for B2C products. A rapidly growing share of its sales come from B2B products, and therefore Amazon felt like a natural choice for our water traps”, explains Aurélien Djordjian, Area Sales Manager for Prevex in France.

As Prevex is still quite unknown on the French market, it is not easy to enter the market through traditional sales channels, such as distributors and wholesalers. Amazon offers a sales channel which doesn’t require big investments nor a well-known brand.

“Amazon also has numerous advantages for the customers; the deliveries are quick, you can buy any amount you wish, and you see the number of items in stock”, says Djordjian.
“It also saves a lot of time for the plumbers when products can be delivered directly to site. The plumbing business is quite conservative, but I’m convinced that the younger generation is already used to buying products online.”

Prevex opened its webshop on Amazon in mid-September and sold its first water trap within a few hours. The idea is to start out small with a few products and then widen the range.

“We are already planning for the next step, where we enter into other markets with Amazon, in addition to the French one”, says Djordjian.