New heat pump continues Prevex’s sustainability efforts

Waste heat generated in the production process can now be recovered and used to heat the facilities in Nykarleby.

Prevex Production facilities_BST3925-2

Recently, Prevex installed a new heat pump in its production facilities in Nykarleby, Finland. The new system enables Prevex to further lower its carbon emissions by making use of surplus heat energy generated in production.

“Thanks to the heat pump, we are able to almost entirely replace the district heating we currently use to heat our facilities in Nykarleby. This is a significant step in saving energy and reducing our carbon emissions”, says Johan Lövholm, Development Manager for Maintenance and Real Estate at Prevex.

Previously, only a small part of the waste heat has been recovered mainly for ventilation purposes.

The heat pump is the latest of Prevex’s many sustainability efforts in recent times. This autumn, Prevex installed solar panels on the wall of the production facilities in Nykarleby. In addition, the company has switched to 100 percent renewable electricity.