New Executive Vice President on board

VD-Marko Nylund-4-edited-2

Prevex has nominated Marko Nylund, aged 50, as the company’s Executive Vice President in Nykarleby, Finland. Until recently, Nylund has worked at Pohjolan Voima utility, as the utility’s Executive Vice President. Previously, he was employed by Rettig Ltd in Jakobstad, Finland, as CEO.

Nylund has long and comprehensive experience from process development, with a particular focus on resources and systems. His main tasks at Prevex in Nykarleby include overall responsibility for many of the most central processes in the company. He will also further develop and manage these processes, which relate topurchases, product management, logistics and production as well.

”With this new recruitment we strive to continuously develop and ensure our processes to meet the needs and expectations of today but also tomorrow”, says Mikael Lillvik, the CEO of Prevex Group.

We wish Marko welcome to the team!