Cooperation with Prevex brought Marmite savings and better quality

Many things changed at Marmite when it chose Prevex as its sole overflow supplier – thanks to years of smooth water trap cooperation. The new overflow deal has cut Marmite’s expenses from management to assembly and opened the door to flexible co-creation.

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Improving quality, streamlining manufacturing operations, and reducing costs – these were some of Marmite’s main goals when the company decided to renew its whole overflow supply process in 2019. Headquartered in Poland, Marmite is known for its high-quality washbasins, shower trays, and bathtubs it designs and manufactures for a variety of B2B customers.

After making the decision, Marmite soon chose Prevex as its sole supplier for overflows used in washbasins. At that point, the company had already worked with Prevex for almost 20 years.

– Our partnership first began when a big furniture brand wanted its washbasins manufactured by Marmite to include Prevex water traps. This cooperation is still ongoing today, says Marcin Sędziak, Director of Marketing and NPD at Marmite.

– Since cooperation with Prevex has always been bulletproof, we knew they were a reliable partner.

The overflow deal has brought us many benefits from reduced costs to high-quality products that simply work.

Marcin Sędziak

According to Sędziak, there were many reasons why the new deal needed to be made.

– Before, we had multiple suppliers for different overflow parts and assembled the final product in our own factory. This was time-consuming, and since suppliers used varying manufacturing technologies and had differences in quality, it also led to leakage problems. But with many suppliers, solving these kinds of issues and product development was difficult.

Partnership with many benefits

Now that Marmite has only one overflow supplier, many things have changed. Prevex handles everything from manufacturing the overflow parts to assembling the final product. Along with smaller quantities of water traps, the overflows are delivered to Marmite’s factory once a week from Prevex’s warehouse, located nearby.

This arrangement has brought Marmite important benefits.

– Our overall costs have reduced since we do not have to manage multiple supplier accounts and stock keeping units, make separate orders, receive many deliveries, or store different parts before assembly. Naturally this also means that we have had more time to focus on other things.

Flexible co-creation

Being able to develop overflows to better answer the customers’ needs was also an important objective for Marmite when the company decided to make the overflow deal.

– Developing products is much easier with only one supplier. We know what technologies Prevex uses and what they are capable of, which makes designing new solutions and co-creation efficient, Sędziak states.

Since Prevex aims to use only recycled plastic in overflows, a smaller carbon footprint is also something that our customers can enjoy in the future.

Marcin Sędziak

Together with Prevex, Marmite has designed multiple exclusive overflow models in a variety of colors for different customers. This has meant a lot of prototyping and exchange of expertise.

– Now, we have high-quality overflows that simply work. In addition to designs that suit their needs better, our customers have also benefited from decreased leakage numbers – thanks to parts that fit together just right.

– And since Prevex aims to use only recycled plastic in overflows as well, a smaller carbon footprint is also something that our customers can enjoy in the future.