Prevex aims for the 1.5 degree target with the UN and SBTi

Prevex has been accepted on the UN-led SBTi’s list of companies committed to working for a carbon-neutral future. Thanks to its determined environmental work, Prevex met the requirements easily.


The SBTi is an initiative supported by the UN and WWF. Its goal is to get companies around the world to voluntarily reduce their carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. The SBTi stands for Science Based Targets initiative. The companies on the list commit to environmental work based on the latest research data on the measures needed to prevent global warming from exceeding 1.5 degrees.

There are 65 Finnish companies on the list, many of which are large publicly listed companies. Thanks to Prevex’s heavy investments in environmental work in recent years, the company had no problem meeting the SBTi’s requirements.

“In the first stage, the companies commit to reducing their carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent from the 2018 level by 2030. We have already reduced our operational emissions by 89 percent,” says Prevex’s Senior Advisor Niclas Caldén, who also specializes in sustainability issues.

“We have already reduced our operational emissions by 89 percent.”

Prevex has succeeded in rapidly reducing its emissions by switching exclusively to renewable energy. In addition, the waste heat from production is recovered and used to heat the premises. 

Caldén believes that the SBTi helps ensure that the most effective measures are taken to reduce emissions. Being included on the list also gives credibility to customers and partners.

“The fact that we are now on the list is proof that we did the right things in the past, and now we also get clear guidelines for our ongoing sustainability work. The next big step for us is switching to recycled plastic.”