Linda Sundvik-Näsi is Prevex’s new health and safety manager

Prevex places great importance on occupational safety and health. Linda Sundvik-Näsi thinks that health and safety matters should always be a priority in working life.


Occupational safety and health (OSH) policies are a fundamental part of Prevex’s company culture. Prevex’s new health and safety manager Linda Sundvik-Näsi thinks that everyone should pay attention to OSH in their daily work. As a result of her background in healthcare, Sundvik-Näsi has a deep understanding of the importance of OSH.

“Safety and health matters are something that can never be emphasized too much,” she states.

Regular safety and health evaluations

According to Sundvik-Näsi, employees’ safety and health is closely monitored at Prevex. For instance, weekly rounds as well as yearly risk and ergonomics evaluations are carried out in the facilities to ensure that safety requirements are well met.

“As the health and safety manager, I participate in rounds and evaluations and listen to facility workers’ possible safety concerns and suggestions for improvements. These safety measures help us eliminate possible risks and find safer working solutions,” Sundvik-Näsi says.

“It is also important to note that when you invest in OSH, you also invest in better product quality, efficiency, and service. Therefore, a safe and healthy working environment benefits both the employees and the customers,” she adds.

A safe and healthy working environment benefits both the employees and the customers.

Linda Sundvik-Näsi

Continuous OSH improvements

Sundvik-Näsi is a part of Prevex’s OSH organization that strives to actively improve safety and health of all employees. 

“Our OSH organization has regular meetings in order to, among other things, discuss what we could do better to provide an even safer working environment for our workers. We intend to make this organization a more visible part of Prevex’s company culture in the future,” she says.

One of Prevex’s latest OSH investments is a robotic forklift that increases safety in the Nykarleby facility. This new forklift has replaced manual forklifts in the production area, which reduces the risk of collisions.

In addition, Prevex will be working more closely with occupational health care.

“Being in contact with occupational health care services helps us observe if there is anything to improve on, for example, ergonomics,” Sundvik-Näsi comments.