Prevex invests in the DACH market – sustainable products as an advantage

Prevex is bringing its water traps made of recycled materials to the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. This autumn, the first salesperson was recruited for the region.


In 2016, Prevex decided to grow its business and expand to the Western and Central Europe, starting with France, Poland, Italy, and Spain. Now, the company is investing in the DACH region consisting of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The region has a large and highly competitive sanitary and kitchen industry. At the same time, it is the biggest European economy, offering Prevex huge potential for growth.

“Succeeding in the DACH region requires well differentiated, special products. Not only do we have the necessary logistics – a distribution centre in Poland that allows short delivery times – but we are also the only water trap producer that uses recycled materials in all our products and packaging,” explains Filip Jankowski, Sales Director at Prevex.

Helping customers achieve their sustainability goals

As the world continues its fight against climate change, the big players in the DACH region’s sanitary and kitchen as well as DIY industries also need to reduce their carbon footprints. With its products made of recycled materials, Prevex helps these companies achieve their sustainability goals.

“Offering a large variety of sustainable water traps is a key to sparking the interest of large companies that sell and manufacture products like bathtubs and wash basins as well as their components,” Jankowski states.

Focusing on the DIY sector

In August, Prevex recruited its first Area Sales Manager, Michael Giese, for the DACH region. Giese has 17 years of experience in the DIY sector. He has worked at large German companies like Conmetall Meister, a wholesale supplier of, for example, sanitary equipment, and Duravit, bathroom furniture and ceramics manufacturer. At Prevex, Giese has continued to focus on the DIY sector.

“The goal is to partner with the large DIY companies in the DACH region and get our water traps on their store shelves,” states Giese.

In the near future, Prevex is planning to hire another salesperson for the DACH region.