Prevex’s product catalogue goes live

Prevex has now launched a digital product catalogue on its website. The idea with the e-catalogue is to allow our clients to find and browse for technical information on our innovative bathroom and kitchen products in one place. Our clients and partners are able to compile unique pdf-catalogues simply by adding the products of interest to the basket and sending them directly to their e-mail address.


“It works like a web shop, but instead of ordering actual products you order all the information needed for further enquiries. This is a modern practical approach to offering user-friendly information about our products, and a big leap towards decreasing the number of printed brochures made. Nevertheless, the pdf-file can still be printed out if needed”, says Camilla Wikman, Chief Marketing Officer at Prevex Group.

A digital product catalogue means easy access to product information

For a company like Prevex, who manufacture a wide range of plumbing configurations and customised products besides their standard bathroom and kitchen solutions, having easy access to information is one of the keys to providing excellent customer service. The digital product catalogue also provides Prevex’s sales managers with a helpful tool.

Everything from technical drawings and installation instructions to videos visualising our innovative features will be easily found at