As Prevex grows, Hien will too

Solution Architect Hien Nguyen manages the support and development of Prevex’s ERP system, and she works in an international team of experts.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you start working at Prevex?

My name is Hien Nguyen, and I am originally from Vietnam. Coming to Finland was my choice of education and in my studies I specialised in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In addition to school theories, I wanted to gain some practical work experience and considered working at Prevex a perfect fit for me. In 2018, I grabbed the opportunity to become a Summer Trainee here. After that, I continued my contract as a Solution Expert, and currently I work as an ERP Solution Architect.

What does a Solution Architect do?

As an ERP Solution Architect, I take care of the ERP system at Prevex. This means that I evaluate the process change proposals that affect our ERP system and keep up to date with the possibilities of the system to optimise the way of working at Prevex. 

What does your work look like day-to-day?

My work differs day-to-day, depending on the focus. I spend much time communicating and collaborating with my colleagues and partners on different ERP-related topics. My day can easily be filled up with project meetings and troubleshooting activities. However, most importantly, I reserve time each day to plan my tasks and concentrate on them. 

What is the best part about your work? What are the challenges?

I am happy to work in the ICT department, which is not the old-fashioned IT department many people think of, but somewhere in the middle of business and IT. Here, I have the chance to work with people from different areas and different levels at Prevex. These colleagues work in sales, purchase, production, logistics or finance, and are specialists, managers, or factory workers. Each of them has their own story and make my work more enjoyable.

Working with rapidly changing technologies means that there are always new things to learn. This is both challenging and interesting. I need to be on top of system updates and technology possibilities that fit Prevex’s needs. At the same time, I must be able to translate the technical jargon into user-friendly terms and make sure users are happy to use the tools.

What is Prevex’s company culture?

Prevex is a company of trust, respect, and equal opportunity. The company management often shares its vision and engages employees in setting goals and planning activities. Regardless of your position, you have the chance to voice your needs and contribution here. Everyone at Prevex plays an important part in the company and has the respect from others. The company gives you the ownership of your work and believes in your performance. 

What is it like to be an international worker at Prevex?

As an international worker, I must deal with bureaucracy, and Prevex has helped me to smooth these procedures. I feel fortunate to receive such huge support and encouragement from the management team and especially from my line manager. The working atmosphere at Prevex is positive, which makes me feel welcomed and respected. My days at work are always full of laughter and enjoyable moments.

How do you view Prevex’s future and your own future at Prevex?

Prevex is aware of the forces of change both inside and outside of our organisation; and the company is driving the transformation in people, processes, technology, and data dimensions. With that said, the company is on the right track and the future looks promising. As I see it, the growth of the company is also my growth. By keeping my pace with the company’s evolution, there is a lot of room for me to learn and opportunities to develop my personal and professional skills.