Prevex - The beauty of simplicity...

Keep it simple – and it will work perfectly. At Prevex, we realized this over forty years ago when we first started manufacturing waste siphons out of plastic. Both plumbers and end-users benefit from simple and user-friendly solutions.

Our siphons are pre-assembled and allow many different fitting options thanks to the telescopic design. The pre-assembled and flexible feature of our siphons helps minimize the risk of leaks and makes assembly quick and easy.

We also manufacture a wide range of plastic components including audio boxes, spacers and customized products.


Spacers for district heating pipes, plastic audio boxes and a range of custom plastic components. Product information & details


Space saving siphons suitable for draining air conditioning systems. Product information & details


Siphons for wash basins, plugs, accessories, shower drains and bath tub siphons. Product information & details


A wide range of complete siphon models, waste kits, and accessories for kitchen sinks. Product information & details